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Buddy Buddy Buddy

No automatic alt text available.It was confirmed yesterday that our Buddy-girl has bladder cancer. Funny, it was shared in a way to say – So, there’s nothing new!!! Yet, cancer was new!

Anywho, Buddy is gaining weight running around the house looking for her catnip mouse, eating, drinking, and pooping! 🙂 So, we just keep moving forward as usual! We don’t need to change anything, except meds – two new ones. 😦 Poor girl! That’s the hardest part of this whole thing – giving her meds.
Ryan and I are great! We are so glad that she found us, gave us this great experience, and look forward to however long we will have with her. My only anxiety, is that I don’t want to prolong her life when she gets to the – this is getting unbearable stage. So, pray that Ryan and I are wise and unselfish to that point. Until then – tuna all around! 🙂

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