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Day 15: I promise to share with my hubby one reason why I love him everyday for at least a week. (Colossians 3:18)

Today I attended the best graduation ceremony EVER for the class of 2010 from the Washington Bible College. The lady who graduated invited my mom and I to have lunch with her and her family afterward. During the luncheon, she shared how she and her husband exchanged the gift of telling each other one thing they loved about the other everyday, and they’ve been doing this now for 15 years. She challenged others to try this, and I decided to pick up the mantle. 🙂

I love my husband, and he’ll die knowing that for sure. However, I’m not sure if he knows why I love him. So, this is going to be a fun promise to keep. 🙂 Are you brave enough to try this out for one week with something you love? I am expecting that the seeds I plant during this event will grow something spectacular in our relationship. Deeper love is what I’m going for! 🙂

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Day 26: I promise to heed all warnings. (Nehemiah 9:33-35)

It does my heart good to be able to quote a promise from my favorite book of the bible, Nehemiah. To me this book is all about the possibilities when you ignore what others are saying, and you truly follow the holy spirit. Nehemiah had to have appeared half-crazed to go to the king and request time off to rebuild the temple, but then to ask for the supplies to do it – what courage. I hope to be so bold in Christ one day!

But I digress. Today is about heeding warnings, and Nehemiah shares that because the Israelites didn’t heed the warnings from God, they were suffering the consequences. Today on FaceBook a friend posted a video and put a warning on it for mature audiences only. Then on the radio yesterday, they were reporting about a horrible child molestation case (aren’t they all), and warned to turn it down if small children were in the car. I heeded these warnings! I didn’t watch the video, and forget turning the radio down, I just turned it off all together.

Yet, I don’t always heed the warnings on the small things that will snag me into sin. Like, I don’t always pause before I answer a person in my anger (Proverb 15:1), I don’t avoid gossip like I should (Proverb 16:28), and then there are times I opt for the easy way out by lying (Proverbs 6:16-19)

These are the things that readily flare up in me, and I promise to heed the warning signs. I promise to confess, seek help and prayer  when these things pop up.

UPDATE: Those of you who love me, KNOW how I struggle to watch my mouth! This promise completely resonates with me now, as I continue to strive to not let my tongue (nor my thoughts) lead me to sin (James 3:9-12). Lots of you have ask what’s my prayer request, and I’ve answered, “Pray that my yes be yes, and that I stop gossiping and calling it venting.” Now you see that even back in 5/26/2010, I had the same prayer request; and probably will until Jesus comes or takes me home!

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Day 7: I promise to treat my body like a temple. (1 Corinthian 6:19)

Temples are respected, set apart places, and that’s exactly what my body is – a set apart place. I will be sure to be careful about what I take in, but more importantly about what I give off. I want to be sure to show off the glory of God through my actions, and my life.

So, my body is to be respected especially by me.

UPDATE: The original post was on 5/7/2010. I have struggled with body image. I will find things that work, and lose a little weight, become more active, and then give in to laziness. Rediscovering this promise is quite timely as I just signed up to start swim classes, I’m going to be doing a cleanse with Attain True Health, I’m doing weekly FitBit work week hustle challenges to motive me to 10K steps a day, and my still FREE line dance family gives me life!

To grow myself more like Christ, I have increased my reading. (Okay, so I don’t really read, but my listening!) I’m now focusing more on Christian Living books, and biographies! I’m currently reading Knowing God, Big God, and getting ready to start a daily devotional with a friend going through the Psalms.

How are you overcoming your struggles with weight, body image, and letting these things control how you feel? What spiritual food are you feeding yourself to grow your knowledge of who God is? Recommendation: This is a book that LOTS of people mention recently (it’s on my wish list) John Piper’s “The Pleasures of God”.

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Reliving the past

Facebook just reminded me today of a retreat that my friend Angela and I took SEVEN (7) years ago, and we decided to post 30 days of Promises. I re-read some of the promises I made, and I’m OVERJOYED at how many I’ve kept. I’ve decided to repost them to remind myself of the kind of person I’d like to be!

What promises have you made? Are you honoring your promises? And, especially the ones you’ve made quietly to yourself?


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