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Hello, my name is Buddy!

2015-11-14 09.46.59

It’s a story of misunderstanding, that’s how I came to be on this side of the window.

You see a week ago, I was cruising the streets finding food wherever I could. I even visited a few sewers to stay dry, and found lots of tasty things scurrying around in the darkness. Well, anyway, like I was saying. I was cruising the street in this neighborhood when this man and woman came out of their warm home. I approached them with the usual greeting, “Meow, meow meow.” Translation. “Hello, can you get me something to eat?” The couple rushed into their voo voom as if I was diseased. Oh well, their loss to be able to help me. So, I kept on about my business. Then a few days later, I was meowing at the door of a man who had once fed me, when I saw the lady from a few days ago come out. It was raining, I was wet through, hungry, and tired. She was excited to see me. That was cool. She gave me two cans of tuna fish with the juice and all just the way I like it. She even gave me a bowl of water, but when I tried to leave she kept me captive by rubbing me. I have to admit that rubbing felt good; it had been a long time since I was last rubbed, and it didn’t matter to me that she was wearing plastic gloves. I appreciated it that as I didn’t know where her hands had been. However,¬†she left me in the rain without even giving me a peek in her house.

The day went on as usual, except for all the rain. I stayed in the sewers, and ate comfortably. That night I heard that lady getting out of her voo voom! I decided to try my previous conversation. I ran up to her in the dark, and said, “Meow, meow meow. Meow!” I don’t know what that lady heard, or even if she heard anything. She hurried into her house forgetting me, again. Then next thing I saw this bag in her hand, and she shoved me in it. We were in her voo voom, and she rushed me in to see another man who was feeling all over me, and even plucked one of my tick companions. WHAT the heck just happened!

Oh, it get’s worse! At least that night, she fed me – but not tuna. She gave me a place to sleep, a box to (oh you know about the box), and I was dry. So, not too bad. Except the next morning, in to the bag I went again. “Where to now, lady?” I kept asking and she just kept saying gibberish back. I’m sure to her it sounded like, “It’s okay Buddy.” “I know.” Again, I’m in the arms of strangers probing and prodding. When had I asked for all of this, I just wanted more tuna.

Well, it’s been seven long days. The lady is cool she feeds me, rubs me, brushes me, and talks funny to me. But the man! Oh the man! I love him. I’ve named him Papa! He’s forced to do whatever the lady says! She shoves me in the bag, and he carries me to the man that pokes and prodes. I don’t blame him, he’s just following orders. I wish that lady would order him to feed me some tuna!

On a¬†seriously note, I kind of like it here. I have gotten rid of all my freeloading travel companions. I have a steady stream of food – no tuna yet though. I can sleep in peace. I have a lot of things to be thankful for since that lady kidnapped me. Now, if someone would just tell her, “I. Still. Want. My. TUNA!”

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