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Toni Jo and I try to spend some time together at least once a year. I used to come to Las Vegas every month for a week, and hang out with her while I worked, but alas that client is no more. However, it sealed the bond between ensuring I make time to spend with my West Coast bestie!

Well, this year I planned to come around the first of September. For the first time EVER in my traveling life, I missed the plane. I applied one of those overused saying, “God knows best.” Or, “He does everything for a reason.” Well, I’m not quite sure what the reason is/was for me missing the plane, but I know that this trip was longer than my original one, and boy has it been FUN, RELAXING, and FULL!

In September, I was only going to stay for like five or six days, and Toni Jo’s response was, “Fish lasts longer than that in my house.” Well, when I rescheduled my trip I booked it for 10-days. We have been astonished at how fast time flies, and I’ll be darned Toni Jo is right – fish could last until the end of the month in her house.

My first four days in town were jammed back with activities.
* Lobster dinner special at Miller’s Ale House, after a little grocery shopping for our next day dinner party meal.
* Thursday next night we fixed lamb stew, basmati rice, with sour dough bread, a pomegranate and orange slice salad with balsamic dressing, and a gluten free brownie for dessert.
* Friday we went to the grocery store again to prepare for or Christmas party. We had dinner with a couple of Toni Jo’s SeneGence sisters in town for the Rodeo!
* Saturday we had our first Christmas dinner. Toni Jo and I picked Sonja up from the airport, went to Toni Jo’s church Valley Bible Fellowship to stuff care packages for the homeless, and then came home and prepared the house and meal for our special dinner. Lara, Toni Jo, Sonja, and I enjoyed baked lamb chops, scampi prawns, roasted sweet peppers with butternut squash, sauteed green beans with garlic and ginger, and an assortment of quinoa salads. We enjoyed a couple of bottles of really good red wine, and finished dinner with a homemade gluten-free cherry pie! It was a huge success! Then we got to do the best part of all – open Christmas presents.

I spent 10 wonderful days with my friend, Toni Jo! We did our favorite things, and our most favorite thing of all – RELAXED! We sat with our feet up watched a little TV, and just enjoyed each others company, oh and that of Lucy and Kelly (can’t leave out my cat girls)!

I pray you have a friend, who you can be with for days upon days and the thought of fish NEVER comes into the picture! See you soon, My Sweet Tartz!

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After much pondering, I have it! 2015 is the Year of Being Creative.

What does my theme mean to me:  This is the year I come to terms with, and accept that, I’m pretty creative. I’ve already seen my creative awareness come to surface more in cooking, planning, interactions with others, art/craft projects, and most pleasantly in figuring out a prayer strategy.

How will I enforce my theme: Well, I have started with the help of my friends (Laura and Jeff) by creating a space that totally allows me to be creative. There’s now possibility in my craft room for sewing, typing/writing, praying, studying, cutting up line dance clothes, beading, bedazzling (not just for teen girls), planning, and a whole host of other things! Most importantly, there’s a spot for everything, and EVERYthing has it spot!

How will I keep my theme fresh and moving throughout the year: I will keep my theme fresh and flowing in 2015 by, being creative!

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I want your help in finalizing my theme!

2014-12-21 18.43.45I have come up with the concept of my theme. You see, last year I decided that I would work out of my one client’s office. I enjoy the time I spend with her staff, and she happens to be my best friend, so I get to spend time with her as well watching her business grow. So, I converted my office (just this last week in December) into a craft room – no more home office for me. With the help of my Jungle Stud and his Amazon Temptress, we built me a custom made work/storage space! It’s fantabulous! I wish you could all come see it in person – it so spectacular!

This last year, I even started line dancing. Man, who hasn’t heard me talk about that this past year! I love it!! And, 2014-03-21 22.51.55what has come out of line dancing, for me, has blown my mind. I have started cutting up shirts! You know fringes, back designs, etc. I had no idea that I have this creative gene. My line dance name is Cut Up! Not just because of the shirts, but I cut a mean rug on the floor as well! Hahaha – I hope none of my Line Dance Addicts read this, they may take exception to what I just said! 🙂

This brings me to my theme for the year. I know that it has something to do with being creative, and yet, I’m not finding the creative juices flowing to figure out how to word it. Should it be:

2015: The year of creativity


2015: The year of being creative


2015: ????

I don’t know. What do you think?

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What can I say about my friends? I have the best!


I loved my theme this year! And, I did my best to connect, visit, and be a friend this year!

I just reached out more. I kept dates (except one that I hope she’ll let me make up, so we can watch Pitch Perfect together, since it’s one of her favorite movies). I ventured out of my home more, and visited. I spent 10-whole days in Vegas with my other sister from a different set of parents! I even went out of the country and made a new friend for life, and bonded myself to a new dear friend! I’ve spent quality time this year with friends, working on our friendships, and great projects together! And, every morning I chatted with my long distance best friend on my drive to work.

My prayer is that I continue what I started, and keep the friendship love flowing!

Thank you for being the best friends a girl could have!

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