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So, I am a verbal person. Since I can remember, I’ve been talking. My friend, Thea, one Christmas, gave me a “I’m talking and I can’t shutup” tshirt. Then there’s the story my mother likes to tell about taking me to the doctor’s office to ask why I won’t be quiet.

Yet, none of that compares to the fact that I associate everything with a musical, and without warning I’ll break out into song! Don’t believe me!? Well, check out the bitstrip below! Thanks Stacye for the love! I’m working on new music to sing tomorrow at work!

AA Bitstrip

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Nya this is for you…

Hi Nya,

What do you think of my shirt?

2014-03-16 21.55.22

This is the front

2014-03-16 21.41.13

This is the back! 🙂








This is what I was trying to show you:

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It is finished!

crosses_on_hillI know those are the words Christ said on the cross three days before Easter!

Yet, He has finished the separation/strife between my sister and I. I will be honest with you, I didn’t think we would be friends again, sisters forever, but not friends. Today, I’m thankful that I’m not the Savior. And, I’m very thankful for the heart-wrenching lessons the Lord had to show me by going through this experience like humility, forgiveness, and learning how to truly overlook an offense. I can hear my friend Elder Marc Dion saying, “When this is all done it will be better than it was.” I didn’t believe him then, but I can see that it is already just from the things that I’ve learned about God’s sovereignty during this very hard, and sad, time in my life.

My prayer: Lord, Thank you for correction, and reminders of humility. Thank you for being the example that I was constantly encouraged to look up to during this situation. I pray not to go through anything so difficult again in life, but I am armed if you so will it!

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My birthday week!

Birthday CakeThis is the most wonderful time of the year! March 20, doesn’t just mark the first day of Spring, but it is also my birthday! I’ll be celebrating my 48th birthday this year, and I’m excited!

So, this week, I’m going to demonstrate self-love by sharing love with others.
Sunday: I’m looking forward to being in the house of the Lord and worshiping with fellow Christ followers. I’m looking forward to voting in new members at our members meeting coming up Sunday evening!
Monday: I’ll be restarting the last diet I will ever do – the Fast Metabolism Diet! And, it’s water aerobics time!
Tuesday: I get to work on turning over from my stomach to my back in the pool! I plan to master this before Saturday! And, line dance day!
Wednesday: I’ll be enjoying an early birthday dinner with friends!
Thursday: It’s MY birthday!!! I’m treating my office to my official birthday lunch: Ledo’s pizza with salad and a root beer!
Friday: Bible study and more birthday celebrating!
Saturday: Then capping the birthday gift buying with “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder” shopping!!!

It’s going to be a real celebration week, and I’m very excited about it!

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I had a blast last week, and did only half of what I thought I would. But that’s okay, because I still only did what I wanted to do!

I didn’t swim at all last week, I had a cold, and frankly it was too cold! One day it was 5 degrees outside – crazy! Sadly, I wasn’t able to make the Oscar party, I had a cold. Yet, the hostess loved on me by mailing me a party packet! So, I was able to enjoy reading through the party event schedule and I got the party favors! Then the wedding was beautiful! Ryan and I dressed up, ate good food, met a lovely new couple, and just enjoyed the special day for the wonderful couple all while spending quality time together.  I would say it was a good week!

This week self-love activities include the following:
Sunday: Spend time worshiping with my sisters and brothers in Christ! It’s been a long time since I’ve been joyful about going to church. Well, I’m looking forward to going tomorrow, and fellowshipping with the saints!
Monday: Give up sugar! It’s right up there with dairy! I must do it for the love of myself. And, YAY! Aqua Abs & Gluts start up again tonight!
Tuesday: Dinner with my girl Trice! Can’t wait, and we are going to try a new restaurant – Eatonville. I’m just a  little sad though that I’m going to miss my line dancing class. Awww, but I’m well enough to swim, and wear one of my new bathing suits!
Wednesday: Surprising my co-workers with a sweet treat! I know, I said I’m giving up sugar on Monday. Thankfully, these are flour treats, and I can’t eat flour! 😉
Thursday: Swimming in my other new bathing suit, and line dancing! One of my favorite days of the week!
Friday: Spending time with my friend, Gina Bee!
Saturday: Swim class starts, the Rock ‘N Roll marathon, and most importantly spending time with my Montgomery County best friend, Char’nay! We’re getting our cars detailed, having lunch, and then I’m napping on her sofa! This time I’ll try not to snore! Looking forward to seeing you, Lee!

Well, I hope you have a lovely week. And, next week is BIRTHDAY week!

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I have had a rough start to this year. Therefore, I’m going to add a little self-love by celebrating me for the entire month of March! I’m kicking off this self-love month with a movie marathon with friends I only hook up with once a year (the other movie-goers that I’ve met over the three years of going to the Best Picture Showcase!) And, I’m going to indulge in all-you-can-eat popcorn with nasty movie butter, all-you-can-drink coke, and then I’ll top it off with a bison burger from Ted’s Montana! This is going to be a delicious day!

I can assure you that I’m not going to post every day; however, I will give you a preview of my self-love activities weekly! 🙂

This week will look like this:
Saturday: movie food and hopefully GOOD movies
Sunday: my first EVER Oscar party (there are multiple activities high tea while we watch Heidi in honor of Shirley Temple and then cocktails for the red carpet, etc.) – I’m taking wardrobe changes! (I will be taking selfies!)
Monday:  NO dairy – this is self-love in a huge way! Believe me.
Tuesday:  swimming in my new bathing suit
Wednesday: pedicure and eyebrow waxing
Thursday: swimming in my other new bathing suit
Friday: cooking a special dessert for bible study! I haven’t attended my own bible study for months, and I get to go back this Friday!
Saturday: a wedding – and more dressing up and good drinks!

So, these are my special activities for this week!

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