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Vision boarding with Nya

Each year, for the last five, I’ve created a collage that represents my theme for the year. My 12yo niece Nya loved this idea so much, she asked if we could do this together. Today was our day to work on our boards. We drew up our plans, we went shopping for supplies, we cut out pictures from magazines, and then we sat down and created our boards. I’m very proud of us! We did excellent jobs.

AA's 2013 Life Map This is what I created to represent my theme for 2013. 2013 was the year of health. I increased my interest in taking steps toward being healthy. I read a few books (Wheat Belly and Fast Metabolism Diet), altered my eating, and starting swimming on a more regular basis. I am feeling pretty good about the successful I achieved doing last year’s theme. Even though the year is over, I will continue to pursue being healthier, and because of all that was accomplished in 2013, I have a plan with options.

On this board I attempted to make a swimming pool, but Nya said it looks more like a TV with a ladder. LOL!! I think she’s right! 🙂 Anyway, swimming is my new obsession. I guess it’s better than the Haagen-Dazs phase I went through! 🙂  On January 11, 2014, I started an adult level 2 swim class. So far so good! And, now my two favorite diet books have recipe books; therefore, I’m armed with options!

Nya's boardNya did an excellent job, and for it to be her first board ever. She picked her theme – 2014: Year of New Things. We laughed, because that was my very first theme and vision board in 2008. I don’t think I realized how much attention she pays me until we started this project. She really didn’t need me to assist her because she had studied my boards that are on my office wall. She knew that she didn’t want to do a big board; so, she cut it to her specifications. She outlined her theme on a sheet of paper (which also helped her shop for her supplies), and then she laid it out as you see it.

My two favorite parts, well really three, are: 1) her signature pink leopard print letters (she was actually wearing her pink leopard print jeggings); 2) they have four month old kittens at home, and one likes to pee on thing. So the cat holding herself is too funny; and 3) I love the grass skirt she made for her board – even though it doesn’t go all the way over!

What a fun time we had! I have started my board for 2014; it is incomplete, but I’ll give you a sneak preview. See if you can guess what my theme is for 2014 (if you haven’t read my new year’s post). AA's 2014 Board


Here is the final look at my 2014 vision board. I’m very pleased with the way it turned out! Can you find your name? 20140119_170526

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Happy New Year!

I’m cutting it pretty close  with this very late post on the first day of the year. Give me a sec and I’ll explain why.

First let me say, 2013 was very good to us. We saw our $60,000 worth of credit debt vanish! (We paid it all off.) It took five full years, but 2013 will always be credited with “Done” check.  2013, also saw me fully recovered from my hysterectomy that I had in 2012. I am all healed, and heading in the right direction for a healthier me. Which leads to another shout out in 2013 – my new diet! In November 2012, I started playing around with eliminating wheat from my diet. In 2013, I have been quite successful in accomplishing that feat! Now, I’m working on eliminating white sugar from my diet, and that’s been a little bit of a challenge, but I’m encouraged! Ryan has embraced my new way of eating, and is reaping the benefits of feeling overall healthy. However, he has been dealing with a bothersome kidney stone these last couple of months. He was scheduled for surgery, and then had to postpone it to deal with his blood pressure. Today, he’s doing well. We expect that he’ll have his surgical procedure to break up the kidney stone sometime in January. We thank God for his grace is giving us good health, and making us prosperous this past year.

Work has been the most interesting aspect of life for me these days. I have one client and am working out of her office for the most part. I never thought I would say this, but I rather enjoy going into work, and leaving the work at work when I’m done for the day. I like that schedule is still just as flexible as ever, my work is interesting, and my client is a JOY to work with (when she’s having a good day!).  (Ahh that’s a little inside joke. She’s wonderful!) Ryan is still in his same position enjoying work every day. However, in 2013, he decided to give himself a few extra days off a year by doing the compress days off. So, he works 9 hour days, for one day off every other week. He’s skeptical to tell me what day he’s off to avoid me creating a Honey Do list for him. We thank God for giving us employment, and employment that we enjoy going into on work days.

We are still at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. I’ve been trying to get more involved and get to know some of the ladies better. So, this year a group of us (ladies from church) went through the book of Philippians using Kay Arthur’s Precept Upon Precept meth. It was very good. I’m more thought about doing all things without grumbling, and I’m trying to live up to this. Ryan is plugging away at 2 Peter on 1st and 3rd Friday nights for our small bible study. I’ve missed a few sessions because I’ve been transporting our 14-yo niece back and forth to youth group meeting. She loves it! And, therefore, I’ll keep making sure she gets there. So grateful to God for giving her an interest in learning more about  him.

Well, I didn’t mean to make this a long message, but going through the year this way helped me to remember some of the awesome highlights of 2013. I don’t make new year’s resolutions; instead, I choose a theme. 2013’s theme was: 2013: the year of health. And, it was  a good year for health. 2014 will be, 2014: the year of friendship.  This will be the year that I make every effort to say yes to my friends. So, why is this post so late, I was operating within the scope of my newest theme, and I was spending the day with family going through ICE at the National Harbor, then Elevation Burger for dinner, and finally hone to finish the cupcakes for my favorite 11-yo who will be 12 tomorrow. God is so kind to allow us to believe we are in control of our lives, and yet my life is in the best hands every his!

So, how did your 2013 shape up, and what are you planning for 2014?

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