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So, week 2 was a tad bit easier than week 1. I knew what I wanted to eat, and I even tried new things! I made Haylie’s Turkey Chili recipe – Yum! And, I made the Italian Chicken –  not my favorite, but it was very good as well. For Phase I breakfast I did a mango smoothie that my ENTIRE family enjoyed. My hubby had a very little as to not take in too many carbs. (He cracks me up!) The turkey chili and Italian chicken I couldn’t keep them away from, which was fine because the recipe makes a LOT! I guess you can say that I kept the best parts from week 1: shrimp salad, eggs over easy with red onion and tomatoes; and then I added some new favorites: mango smoothie and turkey chili.

I lost another .5lbs this week! My waist is down 1 whole inch! I’m feeling good. I’m sleeping longer and deeper. Let’s talk about sleep for a sec. First (there’s always a first and second with me), I could never sleep more than 6 hours without waking up with a splitting headache. Then a dear friend told me that I wasn’t getting enough oxygen when I slept. So, I purchased the Breathe Right strips. They helped for a little while, and I highly recommend them when my kids get colds. Second, I had surgery, and my sleep patterns changed drastically. I have night sweats – oh they are horrible. Don’t know what they are? Google them. Wikipedia can explain better than I can, and with less emotion. Also, I never napped in the afternoon before surgery. Now, give me a minute, and I”m bound to be curled up somewhere snoring. Third, I used to be a late to bed early to rise person. However, God uses EVERYTHING in our lives to straighten us up. Well, I have meralgia paresthetica. In layman’s terms, I have a pinched nerve that causes my left thigh to go numb with excruciating burning sensation. The only remedy is to lose weight. In the meantime, the doctor has given me gabapentin which makes me sleepy. So, I take it around 10pm, and sleep soundly. Last night I slept almost 9 whole hours!

I’ve learned over the course of these last few weeks just how important sound sleeping is to my body, and how it aids in repairing my metabolism. I’m looking forward to week 3, and hoping to avoid any pitfalls – like cravings for desserts!

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This is a four week program, and I just completed week 1. I have lost 3.5lbs, my waist has shrunk 3/4 of an inch, and my upper arm has as well. I’m really encouraged by these results.

I want to tell you a little about me before this diet. The entire world knows I love Dr. William Davis for writing the Wheat Belly Book, and the entire world knows that I’m allergic to wheat and have avoided it successfully! However, what the world didn’t know until now, I substituted one bad food for another. I gave up the wheat, but kept the sugar. I couldn’t tear myself away from sugary things. So, yes, you’re right if you are now saying, well, that’s why you didn’t lose weight. Okay. So, what to do about it?

In walks Dr. Oz. Who would have thought that I would have seen this show. I say it was definitely providential! First, I hardly ever (well since the surgery I do a little more often) take a nap in the middle of the day. Second, and this is true, I have NO idea what channel or time Dr. Oz comes on. Third, I needed to hear Haylie that day, so that I would get the book, and be on the road to healing my metabolism. Providential! 🙂

Armed with information, I decided what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Ryan, on the other hand, said no thanks, mainly because he avoids carbs (good ones, bad ones, and indifferent ones) like the flu. However, he’s still the best husband ever because he supports me (seriously, he financially supports me!) through all my good eating habits with sometimes expensive whole, natural, organic foods. So, even though he won’t eat with me, he’s making sure I eat well. Okay. Moving right along. I purchased one other thing, the  iTouch app for the Fast Metabolism Diet. I track my meals, but more importantly I get reminders as to when I’m supposed to eat. These are so helpful, because I’m the girl who eats three meals, and then calls it a day. Yet on this program I’m eating sometimes six times a day.

For my first week, I played it safe. I ate foods I had before, or that were in the fridge already. I didn’t want to over do it with new things. I love steak, and thought, “Phase 2 is going to be easy – I’ll just eat steak all day.” Phase 2 is my least favorite phase. There isn’t much variety in this phase. I have discovered that grass-fed ground beef is good and affordable.And, even Ryan is enjoying hamburgers with sauteed onions, mushrooms, and sweet peppers for dinner on Phase 2. Then he takes leftovers for lunch.  My favorite phase is 3! I get to eat a variety of foods, but especially avocados and hummus! What a nice way to end the week! I did have to purchase a new mayonnaise – safflower oil mayonnaise. I found it at MOMs, and it is GOOD! I was surprised.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, that due to the amount of weight I need to lose, I have to eat double portions. That took a lot of getting used to, and sometimes when I see nine ounces of salmon on my plate, I think the whole thing is wrong. Oh, did I mention the amount of water I have to drink a day – 86 oz. As for exercising, that’s been a little bit of a challenge, because I used to walk/jog three days a week and swim two. Now, I’m walk/jogging none, swimming for Phase 1, lift weights for Phase 2, and I’m trying to figure out a relaxing exercise for Phase 3. I’ll keep you posted on the exercise thing.

So all in all, week 1 was difficult in the sense that I had couldn’t swim when I wanted to, I had to adjust to eating more, I discovered that I really CAN’T, and don’t care to, eat steak all day long, and I LOST 3.5lbs!

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It all started in October of last year, when preparing for surgery I decided to do a “lose 10lbs in a week” diet. Then, my friend Lee introduced me to the “Wheat Belly Diet“. And that’s when my good name became mud. I told my then 10yo niece about the wheat free diet, who told her friends, and her friends told their friends, and so on, and so on, and… you get the picture. Anyway, my now 11yo niece couldn’t stay on the diet because of parental intervention – Mom! But I did (of course – she’s not the boss of me), and I continued to investigate ways to improve my health naturally.

So, three weeks ago, I was lounging in the Mickey Room (Whaaaat you don’t know what that is? Then I’ll share that in another blog post.) watching TV in preparation for a long nap. When Dr. Oz (who just so happened to be on when I turned on the TV) announced that he had with him the metabolism whisperer. I perked up (a very little) to hear what she had to say. I was intrigued with Haylie Pomroy, and the Fast Metabolism Diet, that I promptly went to Audible and purchased her book (okay really it was after my nap). I listened, shared with others (because that’s what I do), and then made my plan to start what is turning out to be the last diet I’ll ever do.

The gist of the diet is to re-engage the metabolism through food, and to switch up things so the body react to the food properly. First two days I eat fruits, vegetables, some protein, and some grains. The next two days I eat lots of protein and vegetables. On the last three days (my favorite days so far) I eat good fats (i.e.: avocados, oils, and safflower mayonnaise), some fruits like: grapefruit, plums, prickly pears just to name a few, vegetables, and some protein. And, there are exercises that you only need to do once a phase that accompany each eating phase; Phase 1: aerobic exercise one day to burn off some of the carbs, Phase 2: weights/strength training to build muscle as you eat all the protein required for the day, and Phase 3: relaxation exercises – I’m not sure why? Mmm, guess you’ll have to read the book to figure that one out.

Anyway, this month, as I did with my wheat free journey (and yes, I’m still wheat free), I’ll document my Fast Metabolism Journey! There’s room on this voyage for MANY more. And, this diet is family friendly – Moms!

Oh yea, so how I’m a woman with a bad rep. Well, my client’s staff greet me with, “So, what diet are you doing today, Antonette?” Yesterday, they had a lovely lunch brought in from Panera Bread, and I couldn’t have any of it. Not even a crumb of a chocolate duet cookie – I love PB’s chocolate duet cookies! Heck, I love PB’s EVERYTHING! Instead I ate my large steak salad with fresh cucumber dressing, and was more than satisfied. 😉


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