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I have been wheat free now since November 18, 2012. I have not looked back once, and was absolutely convinced this was the right decision for me when I had the allergic reaction to the Panera Bread chicken in my salad. I gave up wheat, and ate more rice. Then gave up rice, and ate more potatoes. Now, I’m off of both rice and potatoes. I’m on to experimenting with nut breads, and new vegetables. I’m limiting my sugar intake, and that includes fruits.

So, have I seen a difference on the scale? You bet I have. I am now down a grand total of 13.5 pounds. Yes, having my surgery reduced my weight as well. And, my body shaped has changed dramatically. I have a waist, and a flatter stomach. My legs are even more defined, and my arms are slightly (I said slightly) thinner. I’ve reintroduced walking into my daily routine, and as I get stronger, I’ll do more. However, at this time, I give lots of credit for my weight loss, my healthy appreciation for food, and my lack of cravings to the Wheat Belly philosophy! I have a long way to go on my weight loss journey, and for the first time EVER I’m expecting that I’ll make it!

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Leftover salmon dinner
Lunch: Wheat Belly pizza and two tangerines
Dinner: The last of Ann’s barbecue chicken, a sweet potato, and broccoli. I even had a 1/2 cup of coconut ice cream
Snacks: Avocado oil kettle chips and a box of hot tamales.

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I got good news from Lee the other day, Ledo’s has gluten free pizza! In honor of this fantastic news, I made my Wheat Belly Pizza dough recipe. It took all of 15 minutes to mix everything together. The dough is wet and sticky. So, I baked it in a 9×9 pan because I didn’t know what to expect, and I got lovely breadsticks! Oh, I’m a happy girl! Now, I can indulge in one of my guilty pleasures with no additional expense, it is wheat free, and might I add delicious! 🙂

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Yogurt! Lunch: More of Kim’s delicious potato leek soup, the last of my tuna over butter lettuce, and for dessert dark chocolate melted with pecans and an apple for dipping
Dinner: My friend, Ann Butler, made us some of her delicious bbq chicken and broccoli
Snack: Breadstick with pizza sauce

It was a much better food day!

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It’s been a tough day. The snow has made me house bound, when I was ready to flee! So, I passed the time by eating everything I could get my hands on. And, then Ryan took me out for a ride, and I got more junk food!

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Leftover Indian food thanks to my good friend, Sherry Sadai! Curry veggies, chicken with rice, yogurt sauce, and a DELICIOUS coconut ball thingy!!!
Lunch: My friend Kim’s potato leek soup
Dinner: Some of EVERYTHING!
Snack(S): A couple of tangerines, prune and apple juice, Smart Food popcorn, and Hot Tamales

I was extremely bored!

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I’ve been cleared for light exercise! Today I took a stroll around the neighborhood tennis court, and I took in deep long breaths of the fantastic cold crisp clean air. Oh, I feel my mental health improving by leaps! Exercise is really good for the body, the mind, and the soul! I was reminded of why I like running in the winter – solitary, serene, and silent after the kids have all left for school – or like today, were still inside sleeping! It feels good to add a dose of planned exercise to my day again.

Here’s what I’m eating today:
Breakfast: Leftover pizza and the last of the chocolate pudding
Lunch: Tuna over butter lettuce with cucumbers, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Dinner: Whatever the next lovely lady from church brings!
Snack: Buzz Bakery gluten free vanilla cake with chocolate frosting cupcake!

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Being wheat free comes with a price. I am being showered with good food from good friends, and I still can’t eat it all. Today we received these pin-wheel sandwiches that look so good, and Ryan said that they are! So sad that I won’t get to try them, but that’s the small price for being wheat free.

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Tuna over lettuce with a little balsamic vinaigrette
Lunch: Buzz Bakery Gluten Free cupcake (chocolate with vanilla frosting) and gluten free Amy’s cheese and tomato slice pizza
Dinner: Gio brought us dinner from Costco! Baked salmon in a dill butter sauce, mash potatoes with butter, and a delicious salad (that I pretty ate by myself!) And, chocolate pudding for dessert!Snack: Jalapeno cheese with avocado oil kettle chips

We celebrated last night, because I don’t have to go to the doctors twice a day anymore. My dear sweet friend, Eileen, will come to me twice a day and change my wet to dry bandage! 🙂

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Today I visited our local MOM’s, and took a stroll down their flour aisle. I was so excited to find garbanzo bean flour, golden flaxseeds, and uncured pepperoni! This is going to be one yummy pizza. I plan to make it this weekend when I’m a lot stronger.

Today, I ate the following delicious things:
Breakfast: My yummy yogurt dish
Lunch: Tuna over lettuce with cucumbers, and a tangerine
Dinner: Baked chicken, string beans, and chocolate pudding cup!

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It’s been a different Christmas, as I’ve been home recovering; therefore, I missed our annual family Christmas Eve party with all the usual goodies like: my homemade cookies, my niece’s macaroni and cheese, and then one of my best friend’s buttery pound cake! And, laughter that would bust my stitches! Instead, I stayed home with my feet up resting, and no temptations. Then a very dear friend returned a favor, and sent me a get well box of Fairytale Brownies! It was a very generous box of brownies!

To my surprise, and amazement, I opened the packaging to get out the card to confirm who the gift was from. Then I put the brownies in a bag with other things to take to my sister’s, and I gave my nieces the brownies. I sat long enough to watch them enjoy their first Fairytale Brownie! I was satisfied, and went home full! 🙂 And, wheat free! 🙂

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Goat milk yogurt, honey, blueberries, and walnuts (no more bananas)
Lunch: My dad fixed me one of his famous steaks medium rare with one of his famous salads with shrimp
Dinner: My dad’s leftover steak, spinach, and my last potato for a while (with the fixings – I had some sour cream I was trying to finish up)
Snack: My last two pomegranates (I promised my husband I wouldn’t send his mom out for more again), and a handful of nuts

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