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Day 30: Chillin’ out

I give myself permission to relax.

Today is Friday, and I’m off on Fridays. I’m planning a leisurely time at the loctician’s getting my locks tightened. Then I thought I’d treat myself to a lovely lunch, and a fun movie to round out the day.What a way to start the weekend, where more relaxing is planned.

What about you?

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I give myself permission to spend 28-days implementing my marketing plan for Nonprofit Connectors based on C. J. Hayden’s “Get Clients NOW!” program.

If you remember, this whole 30 Days of Permissions started with C. J. Hayden’s book. So, how appropriate that the month would end with this permission. I will be going through the 28-day program starting May 1. I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

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NIH update

I told you about my desire to participate in NIH’s Sleep and Weight study. Well, my two weeks of preliminary sleep diaries and wearing my sleep watch are over! 🙂 Today, I pack it up, ship it back, and then I wait to hear if the results prove that I’m a good candidate for the study.

I’ll keep you posted! But in the meantime, I’m relieved to have that watch thing off my wrist! 🙂

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I give myself permission to only seek Nonprofit Connectors clients.

About three years ago, I created a compilation of resources for individuals, and groups, who want to start a nonprofit organization. I got so involved in this research project that I formed a consulting service around the process.

I am now giving myself permission to continue to work with current virtual assistant clients while I consciously grow my consulting company. These past few months, I’ve been doing more to actually promote this company, and it feels good. I’m putting  a lot of effort into training and networking; and, all the while, I’m learning, growing, and having a very good time.

So, if you know someone that is starting a nonprofit and they questions, please share with them that on Wednesdays from 10:30am to 2:30pm I have free office hours. All they have to do is make an appointment using Tungle on the home page of my site. Thanks for sharing!

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I give myself permission (serious encouragement) to pray daily.

There are mornings I get up and rush into my day. Perhaps I woke up late, or remembered the huge project in my office waiting for me, and this will take priority over everything. How sad for me.

What could be more important than taking the first moments of my waking hours, and stopping to praise the One that woke me? What could be more important than giving Him thanks for sustaining me through my day? What could be more important than seeking His guidance for this day that He has given me? NOTHING! Yet, sadly some days EVERYTHING seems more important. Again, how sad for me.

If I want to accomplish all the great permissions I’ve shared this month, I can’t do it apart from God. So, it’s about time that I put the most important conversation of my day as the first thing on my list. Then the rest of the day will take care of itself.

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I give myself permission to to accept that I’m a competent, professional nonprofit start-up expert.

In my head right now, I hear that old saying, “Fake it until you make it.” Well, the coolest thing is I don’t have to fake it. I actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to starting a nonprofit. It took me years to get that this doesn’t mean I have to have all the answers. But boy do I have a lot of them.

This permission was needed, because in my mind I started comparing myself with others. What a slippery slope when you start on it. So, no more standing in the background shying away from the opportunity to share what I know, and definitely no more comparing myself to others. Instead, I’ll use every opportunity to learn from others, and grow my resources.

Wow, just saying that I’m competent and knowledgeable, has just made my self-confidence grow two sizes bigger!

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I give myself permission to put first things first!

I know this may sound similar to other permissions, and perhaps it is. However, I’ve noticed a pattern when I pray that I’m always asking for forgiveness for the same thing – not doing what I said I would do. And, to add insult to injury, my friend, Marc, called me on it as well. He said, “Do you ever do anything that you say you’re going to do?” Wow! He was right, I’d started this habit of not letting my yes be yes.

So, hence the permission to wait 24 hours before making a decision, the permission to say no, and the permission to be honest. Now, it is time to actually live in these permissions. They weren’t created willy-nilly, and that is obvious to me by the amount of honesty that has been presented in them. Therefore, I must create a plan that puts things in perspective. From now on, I’ll STOP and consider before I speak out loud even my intentions.

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