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Sunday, we visited La Plata Baptist Church, where one of our CHBC preachers, Garrett Conner is being considered for the position of Senior Pastor.

Garrett is doing a 4-week series through the book of Deuteronomy; yesterday he did Deuteronomy chapters 1-8. Garrett’s style of teaching involves lots of scripture, which in my opinion is awesome, because he is using the Word of God to back up the Word of God.  There were three points he covered through the text: 1) God’s righteousness is a serious matter, 2) Being called God’s people means something, and 3) God’s deliverance is our real treasure!

In point one, Garrett said something that has left me thinking on the absolute PERFECTION of God. After reading Deut. 4:23-28 (God is s jealous God), he said, and I’m paraphrasing him, “Be careful to not make idols; for God is a jealous God, and his righteousness is super serious. People who think this is harsh of God (that he is a jealous and you will pay for it) are not taking into consideration that God is absolutely good.” God is perfection. And perfection demands perfection. He can’t ask for anything outside of his nature. He’s not going to lower his standards for us, and ask that we only be good on Sundays.

(These are my own thoughts, as I pondered what paraphrased from Garrett above.) God knows that perfection is unattainable for us. He knows that without some help we’ll keep lowering the bar, or just make it disappear all together. So, he decided to send his only son, Jesus. And as one of the Deacon’s said yesterday (it was a great day in the word), “Jesus went to the cross and died for ME as if he lived my life. Then God accepted that, and looks on me as if I lived Jesus’ perfect life.” Jesus paid the cost, and ONLY because of my acceptance of him (even though I’m still imperfect) I can stand before God righteous.

What a perfect Valentine’s Day message, all about absolute love and provision – in my opinion anyway!

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The heat is on

My friend Angela gave me a countdown clock for the upcoming 8K run. Wanna talk about feeling pressure! The 8K is in 40 days, and it’s been below freezing just about everyday since I agreed to do this. I must admit that I was going strong there for a minute on my elliptical three times a week, and just running through the house up and down the 28 stairs combined between levels. But lately I’ve been a little under the weather (who hasn’t), and totally unmotivated.

Well kick me in the pants, but did that clock say 40 days until the run, and I haven’t ran a 1/2 mile yet. Forget that, I haven’t even ran a quarter of a mile, but I can walk two miles no problem. TWO miles! Oh, am I feeling the pressure.

To quote my favorite, Elizabeth Bennet, “There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises with every attempt to intimidate me.” So 8K here I come!

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Sharing good news

Blogs have many purposes, and yesterday Honoré, a dear friend and former VA client, used hers to express her gratitude to me and Laura Allen. I was so moved by her words that I wanted to share her post here.

When you are in a VA/Client relationship – relationship is the ultimate word. I truly learned  one thing well from AssistU, and it has become the cornerstone of how I do business. It is build relationships. I can learn a new skill, or decided not to do a certain task myself, but none of that will help to push the relationship forward without (dare I say it again) a relationship.

I believe what Honoré expresses in her blog post is that Laura and I didn’t just do the work, but we invested in her just like she invested in us. What a great time we had, and will continue to have as we are friends for life.

Here’s wishing you many vugs from your current and former clients! 🙂

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