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Shadow activities

Years ago my friend Dawn Goldberg wrote a blog post titled Shadow Activities about how women get caught up in online games as a distraction from other things. This post struck me then, because I was totally consumed by Sudoku (okay so I still am).  And, back then I even wrote a blog post, when I was a blooger for The Virtual Wire. Now my new shadow activity is FaceBook’s Farmville.

Who would have thought that a few digitized cows, chickens, and veggies would be so intriguing and all consuming. I spend time away from my computer even wondering will my crops be ready to harvest when I return home. What a mess I’ve become!I have no computer games on my desktop because I am easily distract. (Yes, CYWesley it’s my ADD kicking in!) However, Farmville is unavoidable as it is web-based. Oh the agony! Will my pigs grow up healthy and fat? Oh never mind, I sold them the other day for land.

So, yes, work is getting done, but leaving the house has become a chore! I wonder if there are Farmville Sitters out there?! 🙂

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Every year for the past, I dunno six or so, three of my good girlfriends get together for dinner during restaurant week at Acadiana off of New York Avenue, NW, Washignton, DC. We have a good time and lots of fun.This year only three of the four of us could make it. We ate enough, laughed enough, and drank enough for the one that was left behind.

Then the next day I had lunch with three more girlfriends who I hook up with at least once a month. We met at Houlihan’s in Ekridge, MD for lunch, hugs, kisses, and to exchange Christmas presents. It was so good to see them all, as the last time we were together was in November for an AssistU event.

These are pictures of just some of my closest friends; I enjoy my friends, and I try to spend as much time with them as possible. It was great to be out last week getting and giving love, catching up on gossip, and just enjoying my girls. So, when is your next big girl outting?

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Playing catch up

Wow, it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. I’ve probably thought of a ton of things I’ve wanted to write about, but lots of client work and activities away from my home have kept me pretty occupied. So, let’s see what’s up with me:

Not much! 🙂

1) I’ve been busy working these last few weeks. I had a new client start the first Monday of January, and that’s always a challenge as you work with the new client and manage the current ones. I’m going to love them, because they truly get the concept of a VA/Client relationship.

2) I’m beefing up my activities and visibility for Nonprofit Connectors (my consultant service)! This is exciting! I have a few new resources I’ll be launching within the next couple of weeks. Here, check it out for yourself!

3) It’s warming up (40 degrees) outside, so I can finally go outside to run in preparation for my 8K run.

As you can see, there’s a lot going on. I won’t let it be three weeks again before I check in with you!

A fresh beginning1

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Hi Aletha,

Here are the notes that I promised you hours ago!

Matthew 1:1-2:12 is where the preacher came from on Sunday. However, it was what he said around Matthew 1:1-16 that struck me the most.  Let me just add that I’ve been told that this is nothing new (thank God), but for me it was so brand new. It was like hearing about Jesus for the first time with unscaled eyes.

There were 600 years between Malachi and Matthew, and no more Kings. Matthew opens his book with a proclamation that Jesus the Christ is the son of King David. In my words, “The King has returned!”. Matthew goes through the genealogy of Jesus starting with Abraham. This section of text has three divisions: First starting with Abraham lists the patriarchs (Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Judah); Second starting with David lists the kings (David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Amon, and Josiah); and the Third starting with Jeconiah lists the exiled to Babylon (Jeconiah, Zerubbabel, Eleazar, and Joseph – the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus). Within the three divisions, are listed 14 generations each. Since the Greek alphabet is based on a numbering system, the 14’s represent letters: D V D which translated means David!

God took the time to have Matthew not only include some of Jesus’s crazy notorious relatives, but he also included four women: Tamar (<Genesis 38>who posed as a prostitute and tricked her father-in-law into fathering a child with her), Rahab (<Joshua 2:1>who we even call Rahab the prostitute), Ruth (<Ruth1:4>a Moabite), and Bathsheba (<2 Samuel 12:10>who is not mention by name, but by remembrance of David’s awful sin of adultery and murder). These women were either outsiders or outcasts.  They didn’t fit neatly into the story. However, God promised to make Abraham the father of many nations, and here God uses these women as an example of his promise come true.

So, when Matthew says at the beginning that this is the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, it is clear that Matthew wants to show that Jesus is King through his ancestry. And what I loved the most was when the preacher said that Matthew doing the three sets of 14 was equivalent to Holy Holy Holy or Verily Verily Verily! It was a crier’s shout through the streets that the long awaited for Messiah was HERE!

Here is the sermon if you want to listen to it for yourself. I just enjoyed that part so much that I wanted to share!

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About two years ago, my dear friend, Laura Allen, invited me to a free teleclass her client Sharon Day was having on starting the new year with a theme. I’ve never been big on resolutions; so, I thought I’d give it a try. I followed the steps Sharon gave in the class, and in 2008 my theme was the Year of New Things (as this was  a new experience for me), and then in 2009 my theme was the Year of Honesty. I found that when I shared my theme with people, and as I kept it in front of me (as you can see by my life map), I stayed more focused on it than any resolution.

This year I had a harder time coming up with my theme, because everything was pointing to the Year of No. While I was feeling that way, I really wanted my theme to be on a positive slant. Then I remembered a very important assignment we had to complete in the AssistU VTP, create an absolute yes list. This list allows me to say No to things that are not my absolute Yes! For example one of the things on my list is: Absolutely yes to no credit cards.

Since I have accepted this as my theme for this year, I’ve found myself carefully weighing what I do. It’s almost like waiting for me to give me permission to say no, thereby saying yes to something else later. Oh, you would have to be in my skin to get how empowering this feels!

I encourage you to consider creating a theme, especially if you find yourself breaking your resolution on January 2.

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The 31 Days of Wishes gang has moved on to 31 Days of Self-Care. I will not be joining them this month, although what I’m focusing on next is definitely self-care. Instead, I’ll be spending my time in serious training for my upcoming 8K run.

I looked at the calendar, and was amazed that March 14 is only 10 weeks away. Only 10 more weeks of icy cold weather. Only 10 weeks (plus six days) before my birthday, and the first day of Spring. My husband thought I was planning to walk the 8K; No, I’m running it! I’m determined to do it, and am ready to make the commitment to put in the time to get it done!

So, no more late nights, no more fast food, and most of all no more excuses. I’ll post my progress. I’m looking forward to getting outside to run, but it is too cold for a novice like me. I’ll wait until the temperature hits at least 40 degrees! 🙂

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