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At the end of the month of wishes, and I must admit that I’m not wishing for more wishes. I’m pretty satisfied with the wishes I’ve made.

So my wish for today is for no more wishes, but for dreams to come to true! Happy New Years! 🙂

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31 Days of Wishes Day 30

I am a girl! I know that declaration will surprise some of my friends. And, when it comes to bugs, I’m a little squirmy girl. For several moths now, a bug (known by my baby sister as the stink bug) has lived between my window and the screen. It has survived the fall, and is now showing itself resilient to last through the winter. I wouldn’t care so much except the bug is in my view every time I look out of my office window. (I realize all you can see from this pic is a black dot on the window, that’s how big it is.)

My wish for today is for the stinky bug to be GONE!

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31 Days of Wishes Day 29

I love my friends! Today my friend Sarah came to my house for lunch. I love her for traveling all the way to the country to visit me. We had a delicious lunch and a great chat! We caught up with each other over a 3 hour visit!

I wish more of my friends would come to me at my house, so that I can smother them in my hospitality.

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I have  a lot to accomplish this week, 80 hours of client work, lunch with a friend, a set of free office hours, and my niece’s 8th birthday party that will be at my house. So, I really need to stay focused and on track.

My wish for today, is to be a good steward of my time!

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It’s getting closer to New Year’s, and I must admit that my thoughts are starting to stray from wishes to resolutions. I have big plans for both my virtual assistant business and my nonprofit consultant business. I’m working to merge the two into one company and one focus. Then there are a few eBooks I’ve written that I’ll have up and ready for sale come the first quarter of the year.

So, my wish for today is to stay on track in order to ensure that I’m able to unveil all of my business goodies in the first quarter of 2010 as planned!

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It was a glorious Christmas Day. My hubby and I stayed in, and napped most of the day, ate a slice of our Junior’s cheesecake for lunch, watched a movie, ate dinner together (baked halibut w/mixed veggies), and did our weekly budget and grocery list.

I wish for another few days of serenity before we both go back to work on Monday.

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I wish you a merry Christmas!

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